Friday, 26 July 2013

Five reasons why I’m glad the summer holidays are here.

(picture by heroethic)

So I feel like I've blinked and the summer holidays are here again. Aside from that fact that I’m still reeling in shock that as of September I’ll be mother two a class 2 (aka top infants!) student. I’m rather excited about the school holidays and here’s why:

Sundays Last Longer – On a normal Sunday my weekend buzz wears off at about six o clock. This is around the time that I realise I have a week’s worth of uniforms to iron. I then have to locate a book bag and my sons other school shoe, both of which can usually be found under his bed. Not for the next five weeks though, now I can have an extra couple of hours weekend time!

Bed Times Are Negotiable – Having the little man in bed by 8pm every night invariably sets the tone for the next morning. If the little man misses his curfew our morning routine is forced into a frenzied dash around the house as I simultaneously try to feed, brush and dress my sleepy child. The lucky neighbours who are up early enough can usually whiteness me frog marching my child into the car like a drill sergeant. But our morning routine during the holidays is a lot more chilled. After all, nanny and granddad don’t mind if the little man turns up in his slippers!

No Traffic - There’s nothing more dangerous in this world than a mother running late for school.  I sometimes feel like I’m participating in the wacky races as I vie for a space near the school gates while the other mums try to cut me up. Thankfully the school holidays guarantee an easy morning commute.

Time to relax – Whether I’m wondering if I’m up to date with my dinner money, worrying if I've forgotten some homework or Juggling my work schedule so that I can fit in every school appointment, performance and club meeting. Term times can be a roller coaster of worry and anxiety. Now, the only thing I need to concern myself with is having fun with my son.

Family Time  – By far the best thing about the summer holidays is spending more time with the apple of my eye. This year I’ll be off for a glorious two and a half weeks with my favourite guys. Time with my family makes me feel happier than anything else and it sets us up for the rest of the school year!

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  1. Me too! Love that it so much less frantic, and we get to spend some time together. Very special.

  2. Glad it's not just me! Enjoy your holidays.