Wednesday, 12 June 2013

News Feed Bombing

A friend of mine recently made a dramatic announcement. She’s giving up on social networking. Yes, giving up on Social Networking! Once I’d picked myself up from the floor I was able to enquire as to the reason for such a drastic ‘life event’.  Apparently my dear friend, and fellow mother, has grown sick and tired of seeing pictures of ‘couples and kids’ in her news feed.
 So nauseated is she by the sight of loved up couples and bouncing babies that she’s had to throw in the social networking towel completely.  Although, my friend is a bit older than me and her children are all grown up, she is very much ‘down with the kids’ especially where technology is concerned.

I decided to check it out for myself and quickly discovered that she was right. When I browsed my own news feed, it was indeed full of happy couples and brand new babies. Far from needing a sick bucket I actually enjoyed seeing so many happy pictures in my news feed. So why was my friend so bothered by it?
Now I’m the first to admit that I bombarded my friends and family with messages, photos and round the clock updates when I met my partner and when then little man was diddy.  It wasn't my fault though, it isn't really anybody’s fault; I blame Oxytocin.

Oxytocin (or the love hormone) is at its strongest after childbirth and during that ‘honeymoon period’ when new couples are madly in love; this fact has never changed. What has changes since my dear friend’s children were born is our means of communication.

People hardly ever place wedding announcements in the local newspaper or run around showing the baby off to every one of their friends and family.  They use social media to share their happiness with the rest of the world.
The days when whole families lived in the same neighbourhood are long gone. The modern world has changed and for most people there’s quite a lot of motorway between loved ones. Social media solved that problem nearly a decade ago; with the click of a mouse everybody is kept in the loop!

Sadly,for my friend, Facebook wasn't around 20 years ago when she was busing it across the North West with a new husband and baby!

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